Fabric Information

What is Dri-EFX?

Dri-EFX is an innovative light-weight polyester fabric designed to keep you dry longer, so you can comfortably work harder. Dri-EFX's unique microfiber structure wicks away sweat, dispersing it evenly across the surface of the garment, enabling it to dry quicker. 

What is Cool-EFX?

Cool-EFX is an innovative light-weight polyester fabric designed with tiny spaced holes creating a high-performance breathable garment. Like our DRI-EFX fabric, Cool-EFX wicks away sweat quickly, as it disperses evenly across the surface of the garment using these tiny spaced holes.

What is Fleece-EFX?

Fleece-EFX is a medium-weight polyester fleece fabric designed to keep you warm, while maintaining your natural motion. Fleece-EFX's double layered fabric ensures you stay warm and continue working at the highest level. 

What is Stretch-EFX?

Stretch-EFX is a light-weight spandex and polyester fleece fabric made to keep you comfortable and warm. Stretch-EFX's spandex layer allows the wearer to achieve full range-of-motion by stretching with your body, as the fleece layer keeps the inner garment insulated and warm.

What is Micro-EFX?

Micro-EFX is a medium-weight polyester fabric with stretchy components that allow you to move comfortably.

What is Micro Light-EFX?

Micro Light-EFX is a light-weight polyester fabric, and like it's counter-part, has stretchy compounds that allow you to move comfortably. 

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